ORBIS at Athens Democracy Forum 2023

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On September 27-29 took place the annual three-day Athens Democracy Forum.
The Forum has tracked the plight of liberal democracy for more than a decade now, seeking for ways to defend and perpetuate the ideal of rule by and for the people.

In the context of the Athens Democracy Forum, Nikos Karacapilidis and Dimitris Tsakalidis had the chance to present the overall ORBIS approach towards augmenting participation, co-creation, trust and transparency in Deliberative Democracy at all scales, focusing on issues concerning (1) ML/NLP pipelines for actionable knowledge mining, (2) clustering and summarization mechanisms for feedback aggregation purposes, and (3) deliberation structuring and visualization towards improving users’ awareness and engagement.

This year’s ADF agenda included a broad array of issues affecting democracy today:

  • Case Study: China v. United States – Toward coexistence or war?
  • Rethinking Security: When Threats are Invisible
  • Case Study: The Future is African
  • Tutorials on the Tools of Democracy
  • Rethinking Climate: Flight and Fight instead of Agriculture
Do we dare to hope?

That was the question that the Athens Democracy Forum addressed when it convened in the Greek capital September 27 to 29. Speakers and panels explored the great and fateful clash over the future of democratic rule and fundamental freedoms, and the dangerous ideological and political fissures that have opened the world over. Politicians and policymakers, academics and activists, veterans and youth have been challenged to advance concrete solutions and programs.

Democracy made great strides in the 20th century. The end of the Cold War promised rapid progress. Yet the 21st century has, instead, ushered in a number of challenges. There is an urgent need for democracy to evolve.
The aim of the Athens Democracy Forum is to serve as the North Star on which democracy and society can reorient themselves. It seeks to make democracy work.

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