Τhe following table lists the ORBIS deliverables. The full texts of public deliverables will become available following submission.

Deliverable NoDeliverableWork Package NoLead BeneficiaryDue date monthDissemination Report
D1.1Data management planWP1NVCR3SEN – Sensitive
D1.2Legal and ethical issues manualWP1UNI12SEN – Sensitive
D2.1Research and innovation landscape and pilots definitionWP2CEPS10PU – Public
D2.2Technical and operational specifications and reference architectureWP2UNI10PU – Public
D3.1The ORBIS deliberation scaling mechanismWP3POLIMI18PU – Public
D3.2Public participation and policy-making in ORBISWP3CEPS21PU – Public
D4.1Initial version of the ORBIS argumentative deliberation frameworkWP4NVCR21PU – Public
D4.2Final version of the ORBIS argumentative deliberation frameworkWP4CNRS30PU – Public
D5.1Initial version of the ORBIS Integrated SolutionWP5NVCR24SEN – Sensitive
D5.2Final version of the ORBIS Integrated SolutionWP5UNI34SEN – Sensitive
D6.1The ORBIS evaluation frameworkWP6CSI18PU – Public
D6.2ORBIS pilots evaluation and transferability of outcomesWP6POLIMI36PU – Public
D7.1Dissemination, communication and exploitation strategyWP7CPRN4SEN – Sensitive
D7.2Orbis communication channelsWP7CPRN36PU – Public
D7.3ORBIS workshops and final conferenceWP7RIE36PU – Public
D7.4Report on the Orbis lessons learnt and exploitable assetsWP7USI36PU – Public